Shaki is a universally wide energy originating from King Shakiwaka, that grants one a nigh supernatural superpower based on whatever hobby, obsession, job, interest or emotion that a person is extremely passionate or obsessed with. Shaki is one of 2 ways someone not born (or made) with a superpower can receive a superpower, the other being Extracts.

Unlike Extracts which are drunken by free will, Shaki is not willingly obtained as one has to "pour heart and soul" into the above mentioned categories to even access it. Also unlike Extract users, one has less control over their power, as extreme stress or emotion is the only way to access the highest tier of Shaki, while Extract users can access their highest tier of power at anytime, usually not doing it to conserve energy.

On the flipside, most Shaki users with few exception, are stronger than Extract users, being able to tank far more of Anti-Power extracts and some physical attacks than Extract users, even at full power.

There are 3 main types of Shaki, and 6 tiers of Shaki.

  1. Fighting Shaki: A type of Shaki power that is almost only used, and good for fighting purposes.
  2. Non-Fighting Shaki: A type of Shaki power that Is almost only used, and good for, non-fighting purposes.
  3. Mixed Shaki: A type of Shaki power that is used both for fighting and non-fighting purposes.
  1. Tier 0: No Shaki, normal person
  2. Tier 1: Base Shaki level, nomal healing and power.
  3. Tier 2: Twice the normal Shaki level, slightly faster healing and twice as powerful.
  4. Tier 3: Triple the normal Shaki level, significantly faster healing and thrice as powerful.
  5. Tier 4: Quadruple the normal Shaki level, extremely faster and better healing and 4 times as powerful
  6. Tier 5: 5 times the nomal Shaki level and the highest tier, almost instant healing of extreme injury like severed limbs and 5 times as powerful, user has glowing eyes and an purple aura around them.

Shaki users are rare, with only 100 out of around 784,000 people of Insuloplanedo, not counting other humanoid species, having the power of Shaki.

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