Extracts are a magic-like liquids made by the Malbonas containing the "essence" of a element, emotion, superpower or living being that grant drinkers the ability of said Extract. Extracts are one of 2 ways someone not born (or made) with a superpower can receive a superpower, the other being Shaki.

Unlike Shaki which is given to someone unknowingly, Extracts are drunken by choice. Also another difference is that Extract users are more in control of their powers than Shaki users, being able to reach their highest power instantly but rarely do so to conserve energy.

Although Extract users have more control over their powers, they are not as strong as Shaki users, usually going down with one or two attacks from Anti-Powers extracts or well-placed/strong physical attacks. Also unlike Shaki which came around mostly by

accident, Extracts where created by the Malbonas for the Malbonas after an failed attempt at harvesting Shaki.

There are 4 types of Extracts and 2 levels of Extract power levels.

  1. Elemental Extracts: Extracts That grant the drinker a power based on an element, like fire, water, light or life.
  2. Emotional/Sensation Extracts: Extracts that give the drinker the power of an emotion or sensation like anger, lust or pain.
  3. Biological Extract: Extracts that allow the drinker to use the power of a living thing like an ant, dragon or dinosaur.
  4. Superpower Extract: Extracts that bestow the drinker a basic superpower like flight, size alteration or super strength.
  1. Level 1: The first level that the extracts give you.
  2. Level 2: Most powerful level that a extract user can access. Type 1 and 2 can turn into an elemental of their elements or emotion, Type 3 users turn into the creature or plant of their extract, While Type 4 gets stronger in their ability and can keep it up for a longer time.

Extract users are rare with only 100 users, all members of the Malbonas organization.

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